How to schedule an email to be sent later on Gmail and 7 Reasons when you need to do so

Email scheduling on gmail

Gmail has many awesome features built-in that are life-savers for busy moms who are juggle one or many side hustles. Scheduling emails on gmail to send on a later date is one of them.

What is Email scheduling

When sending out emails, the usual practice is to hit the send button the moment we finish typing the email message. Whilst this could be the right thing to do in most cases, there are many instances when sending that same email at a later time that is the more appropriate date and time for that message to go out, is the best thing to do.

Therefore, emails that are scheduled to be sent may be sent a few minutes, hours, days or even months later than expected. It is important to note that the time zone in which you plan your emails will determine when they are sent.

7 Reasons as to why should you schedule emails

There are many reasons as to why you you should schedule emails. Below are just 7 reasons as to why rescheduling and sending emails later could be the best thing to do.

1. When it is the smart thing to do

Well this is a situation that applies only in some situations where you may juggle multiple roles or work with multiple clients and you group your work around similar tasks across the multiple roles or clients in different time-zones. You would want to send out emails to the respective clients or recipients to match their time-zone. This will make it seems like you are working alongside with them and help build better rapport.

For example, if you are in an Asian time zone and work for a client in the US, your active hours would be their mid night hours. It is therefore best that you schedule your emails or replies to reach them during their work hours.

2. Email scheduling will keep you in your client’s good books.

As explained in the previous point, when working with clients in different time zones, it’s critical to schedule emails. A message sent at 7 p.m. your time, could reach the recipient in the middle of the night. It’s far better to plan your emails for several time zones than to set your clock to an obscene hour. This will help you be on top of your clients’ inboxes if you wish to communicate with them and will make you definitely stand out from the rest.

3. Send emails at the most suitable time to your clients

Aside from timezone concerns, determining the best time to send is always a smart idea. Messages sent on Friday night are more likely to be lost, forgotten, or disregarded, whereas sending an email at 8 a.m. on Monday makes you appear more busy. Determine when the recipient is most likely to check his mail or will be grateful for the message. Schedule your emails based on the information you’ve gathered.

4. Email scheduling help you better organize yourself.

When you don’t schedule emails, you may be inclined to reply the email at a later time especially if it is a weekend evening or so. This tendency might make you forget replying to the email altogether. You might also not want to show the recipient that you reply to it right away as there may be a tendency for you to be misused or for many reasons. There’s no shame in being thoughtful this way or absent-minded at the same time. scheduling emails by attending to the matter right away but defining when the recipient receives the email, beat both of these and keep you on top of your tasks.

5. Email scheduling helps you with Time Management

Don’t want to miss out on the birthday of your client, or some other anniversary that’s important to them – or to you? Setting up scheduled emails will keep you out of trouble. Scheduled allows you to auto send, but can also remind you of the message you set up. Reminders will give you the chance to add something topical as the big day arrives. After all, it’s that personal touch that does the trick.

6. Send all of your months greetings in a single hour or less

How cool it is to send a personalized greeting to all your family, friends, colleagues and clients. A personalized, well thought-out greeting would be so much more appreciated than the ones that are auto alerted and sent to from social media platforms.

You could set an hour or half every month on a selected day to send out all of the greetings for the following month. I use birthdayalarm to keep track of all dates and it does not fail to give me timely prior reminders too. You could use a single template for a quick customized and schedule emails accordingly.

7. Increase your efficiency by grouping your work by tasks with email scheduling

Especially when you juggle multiple roles and tasks, having multiple tasks to deal with is a norm. Email scheduling helps you group your work by tasks. For instance, if you choose to do backlinking at a set time of the week, you could craft all respective emails but set the time to suit each recipient. This method can be applied to many instances and keep you super organized and efficient.

How do you schedule emails in Gmail

So how do you do this? Simply compose your email and instead of hitting send, click on the schedule feature right next to the send button and pick the date and time of your choice. Awesome!

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