How to write a blogpost simply and easily

How to write a blogpost

Imagine you have good writing skills. You know words and make use of them. You can weave words making meaningful content out of them. You have hundreds of creative ideas and innovations in your head that you can word out. If you got all this with you, and some molding is all you need to learn how to write a blogpost super fast and become a blog writer.

When you have the ideas and energy you can pen your words on paper to express yourself. When you turn in to blogging and do it successfully on topics within a given subject that is appealing to you, you can place yourself as an expertise in the given subject. You can write blog posts to educate people on topics that you are passionate about and showcase your writing skills. This guide will simply take you through the path to write a successful blog post that reaches all readers.

1. Coming up with ideas before looking at how to write a blogpost

The most difficult part when you brainstorm on how to write a blogpost is generating an idea that wins. Your first blog post could be something that you are passionate about, a post you can fire away with your words.  When you are all set to write your piece of work, you should always bear in your mind about your goal, the target audience and how you offer your content to them.  You can simply start writing, or in other words typing when it comes to blogging, the stories or concepts that pop in to your head. Then you can pick out of them what might interest your readers and clients. If your writing is associated with clients you can always communicate with them and do the writing according to their wishes and likes.

2. Setting up your blog

Having brilliant ideas that you can type on screen is not just enough for blogging. To write blog posts, you actually need to have a blog. If you already have your own website you can set a platform to create your blog. If not, you have to start from scratch to build your own blog. Starting your own blog means you have to invest some money in to the host,  the domain name, design services and writing/editing unless you do it all by yourself.  You can run a cost free blog but it will limit you from using a domain name and you will have ads on your page. A low budget blog will require around 100 dollars to set up everything.  As your blog grows you can afford your cost by selling ads and affiliate marketing.

3. How to write a blogpost by creating an outline 

Once you’ve hit the topic and what you want write about it, you need to make an outline on how you present your key points in your post. This is quite similar to organizing an essay with an introduction, a boy and a conclusion, with the conclusion a little different from that of an essay, known as call for action. This usually includes inviting the reader to leave a comment, make a purchase or lead them to the next post.

You can present your content in the blog in several nice ways that meets the reader. They can be a post on how to do something, list based blogs which covers a list with related entries, news articles that links to trending news on the internet with the blogger’s ideas with it, review posts on venues, food, movies, sports etc., personal blog posts describing the writer’s own experiences or image based posts including many images with context.

So imagine you want to list out 10 movies of the same genre that has something in common like the time of their release or actors involved in the projects. You can make a list of these movies and write a small description about each one with a still shot of it explaining why the reader must watch give it a try. You’ll find various blog posts like this example mentioned here for you to get an idea on how to do it.

4. Get your reader hooked and scrolling

The most important point to fulfill in any kind of writing is to make sure that your reader reads it to the end. Let it be a book, newspaper article, journal the writer must present their writing to keep the reader hooked on to it driven by their curiosity. Your paragraphs or lists or presented content should be organized in a way that grabs the reader’s attention making sure they read till the end.

This can be achieved by many ways and the way you can achieve it precisely, differs on the type of audience and the subject that you are covering with your blog post. The best method of hooking a reader on to a post is presenting a startling fact that raises their curiosity. Using the same example on movies, you can highlight a surprising fact like a certain genre movies that flopped despite having an ensemble cast. Movie fans who have already watched all of this will want to know more.

Another way to hook your readers is to address some of their pain points. You can write about the same movies that flopped but had some great actors who couldn’t save the show. Mentioning the effort and talent of actors who might turn out to be their favourites, will be the catch.

One more thing to consider always when writing blog posts is you put yourself in the reader’s shoes and contemplate; do they understand what I write? Hitting the right target audience with a captivating topic is not enough. What you write must be understood by your reader, always.

You can make your post more interesting by adding pictures and graphics that adds colour and ambience to your post.  This also helps in giving the readers some breaks during the reading process and keep their interest on the piece of writing.

5. Editing and proof reading

Once you have finished your work, you must go through it once or several times to see if its crowded with words, feels awkward at places and if it makes complete sense to an outsider. Also you need to check your spelling and grammar to see if everything is ok, because you know that the internet is filled with spelling and grammar police who would take the slightest notice in the simplest mistake and discredit your work.

6. Optimizing for SEO

Once you are proud of the piece you have written, you no longer have to worry about how to write a blogpost. The next step is to go beyond and have your masterpiece viewed by readers. SEO is all about how you have your content seen by visitors who search for the type of content you have just written. We will discuss more about how this can be done in a future article.

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