10 Ways To Choose The Right Virtual Assistant For Your Business

How To Choose A Virtual Assistant

When deciding on How To Choose A Virtual Assistant, the background administrative processes and systems you use in your business are essential to its success. When you understand how important they are in your business, it makes sense that you’ll want to hire the right Virtual Assistant as outsourcing those tasks is the sensible way forward. You will need someone who’s specialised in those areas, if you want the partnership to run smoothly and get the most from it.

However, the person you hire is also going to be working closely with you, so it pays to choose the right Virtual Assistant for you, too. They’re also going to be creating and managing systems that are both fundamental, private and sensitive to your business – so how can you ensure you choose the right VA for your business and for you?

Here’s 10 tips to help you choose the right Virtual Assistant – one who will be of benefit to your business, but also someone who you’ll be happy to work alongside.

Tip #1: Decide on what you’re hiring a VA to do

Start by getting clear on the tasks and priorities you have, as well as the responsibilities and timescales you want a Virtual Assistant to take on. This will help you get clear on what tasks you’re going to outsource, as well as narrow down your potential selection of suitable Virtual Assistants.

Tip #2: Find a Virtual Assistant that has experience of your niche

This isn’t crucial, but it is a nice to have. Someone who knows your niche will also know the nuances of it, as well as any technical aspects and technology that may be involved.

Tip #3: The right Virtual Assistant for your business is one who can meet your needs

You do, however, want to hire a Virtual Assistant who has experience with the types of tasks you want them to fulfil. This will help ensure you can quickly get them established within your business and you will know they’re competent and able to fulfil the tasks to a high standard.

Tip #4: The same ethics and personality as you

You’re going to want a Virtual Assistant who not only cares about the job they’re doing. But also cares about your business. Often, this means they’ll need to have the same ethics and beliefs as you – and someone who feels (and acts) as enthusiastic about your success as you do.

Tip #5: Proactive or reactive?

When it comes to personality, there are two distinctly different types of Virtual Assistant role. The proactive Virtual Assistant and the reactive one.

You need to decide which type of Virtual Assistant you’re looking to hire. Do you want someone who’s going to take an active role in your business and come up with suggestions and ideas – or would you rather have someone who just completes the tasks you hand over, to the specifications you want?

Tip #6: Decide if location is a factor for you

This isn’t always a factor, when choosing the right Virtual Assistant for your business, but it will play a part in your decision. Do you need a native-speaker, someone in your own time zone or someone who’s going to be carrying out a lot of written content for you.

Tip #7: Get referrals and testimonials

It’s always better to get a VA that’s been recommended to you personally by someone. Having a strong track record is something you want a Virtual Assistant to have, so if you can’t get a personal recommendation, make sure you opt for a Virtual Assistant who has checkable client testimonials.

Tip #8: Have a face-to-face meeting

You don’t necessarily have to meet up in person. However, have a video call with your potential Virtual Assistant at least, so you can actually see them. It’s harder to hide reactions etc when you’re able to read their facial expressions!

Tip #9: Choose a VA that you actually get on with

The relationship you have with your Virtual Assistant is hopefully going to be a long term one. You’re going to be working closely together, so it’s important that you get along. If in doubt, take advantage of an extended trial period, to make sure you’re making the right choice.

Tip #10: Are they within your budget

Your budget shouldn’t be your overriding deciding factor. Many business owners will underestimate how much it costs to hire a VA, especially if they’ve never hired one before. You can always go cheaper if you need to – but bear in mind that you’re looking for the right VA for you, not the cheapest one you can find.

The person you hire is going to have to work closely with you. Therefore, you need to ensure you’re hiring a Virtual Assistant who is up for the task and someone you can work with.

By following these 10 tips you’ll know that you’ve narrowed down your selection and chosen the right Virtual Assistant for your business – and someone who’s right for you too!

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This article was originally published in virtualhand.co.uk

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